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VITA1 D-Mannose Powder - 100 g.


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Natural D-mannose - a monosaccharide in powder form
Made in Germany - VITA1 D-Mannose powder is manufactured exclusively in Germany under the strictest production and hygiene regulations.

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D-Mannose Powder (1x100g)


D-Mannose powder: maize starch without genetic engineering

D-mannose can be obtained from various raw materials. Unfortunately, maize has a bad reputation because it is often associated with genetic engineering. However, the maize used for the VITA1 D-Mannose powder is 100% GMO-free. So you have the best from nature.



Advantages of the dietary supplement with D-mannose powder from VITA1

  • VITA1 D-Mannose powder, obtained from high-quality sources, is produced exclusively in Germany under the strictest production and hygiene regulations and is laboratory-tested for pesticides, heavy metals, moulds, E.Coli, salmonella and more.
  • VITA1 D-Mannose powder consists of 100% D-Mannose. Nothing else!
  • VITA1 D-Mannose powder is vegan, gluten-free and free from chemicals, soy, genetic engineering and preservatives.
  • 2 month cure pack: One tin contains 100g of powder. With a recommended daily dose of 1 scoop, the can lasts for 2 months. With only one scoop per day you are optimally supplied. With the double pack you have a supply for a longer time.
  • You can rely on the absolute top quality of this food supplement. If you return the product within 30 days, we will refund the purchase price. But that won't be necessary, because you will be satisfied with 100%.


Vegan food supplement without undesirable additives

You can use the food supplement sensibly under medical supervision to cover your daily nutrient requirements.


This D-mannose powder from VITA1 can also be used as a 100 per cent high-quality food supplement to sensibly supplement the normal diet of people who have to eat consciously or who have to do without critical nutrients for their health:


  • Food supplements for vegans
  • Food supplements for vegetarians
  • Food supplement without artificial preservatives
  • Food supplements without artificial flavours
  • Food supplement without artificial colours
  • Food supplement without lactose
  • Food supplements without gluten
  • Food supplements without genetic engineering
  • Food supplements without nuts
  • Food supplements without alcohol
  • Food supplements without soy
  • tasteless food supplement



Food supplement without additives and critical nutrients
Food supplements are a form of delivery for those people who pay special attention to their health and are therefore careful with their diet. For this reason, they naturally expect the food supplements they take to be free of all additives.

If you need nutritional supplements or vitamin preparations, you should not assume that all nutritional supplements are free of additives. Not all supplement manufacturers position themselves for certain groups who, for example, eat a vegan diet or consider a diet without additives to be very important.

As feelgood24 we offer you food supplements manufactured in Germany and tested in laboratories, and we don't just focus on the need for additive-free food supplements.


We also take into account people for whom some ingredients may be critical and produce numerous lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, palm oil-free and alcohol-free food supplements.

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D-Mannose (100%)




Feel good24

Instructions for use

Stir one measuring spoon (2g) into still water daily and consume. In case of acute symptoms, consume one measuring spoon (2g) 3 times a day for 2 weeks.


Food supplements are neither a substitute for a healthy lifestyle nor suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition. Keep out of reach of young children.


Store well closed, cool and dry.

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Natural D-mannose - a monosaccharide in powder form

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Natural D-mannose - a monosaccharide in powder form



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  1. Mirsada -

    It's too early to talk about the effect, but the product came very quickly and is very well packaged though The capsules are easy to swallow and taste neutral. I am glad that I am well supplied with it.

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  2. Emma -

    I have been using this product for a quarter of a year now and am very satisfied. Its ingredients are perfect for my needs. Gladly again!

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  3. Ahmad -

    I am not vegan, but I attach great importance to vegan food and, of course, vegan food supplements. I am glad that I found this product for vegans as well.

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  4. Engin -

    The shipping has always been fast and smooth so far. Thanks to the high quality, I am now also taking a look at other products.

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