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VITA1 Damiana - 100 capsules 450 mg (daily portion 1350 mg)


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100 vegetarian damiana capsules from VITA1 with 450mg damiana leaf extract per capsule in the usual high quality from German production. Only high-quality raw materials of controlled purity and without additives are used.

  • 450 mg per 1 capsule
  • Pure leaf extract 5:1
  • Free from auxiliary substances and additives
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


In Mexico, the use of damiana has a long tradition. It is a well-known and versatile medicinal herb. Mexicans have been using damiana for generations, mostly processed as a tea or administered in liqueur form.

Damiana was already appreciated by the Mayan culture in the South American region. Here, the shrub-like plant finds ideal growing conditions: dry and rocky soils - especially limestone -, wide areas for optimal expansion, preferably at altitudes between 500 and 1950 metres and sufficient sunlight. However, its occurrence already extends as far as North America. The plant received its name after the patron saint of pharmacists, St. Damian.



High quality leaf extract

The Damiana capsules from VITA1® contain a leaf extract in a ratio of 5:1. This leaf extract is therefore 5 times more concentrated than pure leaf powder itself. This increases the amount of valuable ingredients in the same ratio. One gram of damiana extract thus corresponds to 5 grams of the dried leaves.

The leaves used here are harvested during the flowering period to guarantee the highest concentration of the substances contained in the plant. Damiana contains natural secondary plant substances, resin and essential oils, the tannic acid tannin and also the bitter substance damianin.
What is damiana?

With the damiana capsules you get a dietary supplement that already has a long tradition.

The damiana plant belongs to the genus of saffron mallow (Turnera) and bears the scientific name Turnera diffusa. The plant was first described in 1820 by the German botanist Carl Ludwig von Wildenow.
It produces yellow flowers and grows as a widely branched shrub with a height of between one and two metres. The green parts of the plant usually have downy hairs. The leaf shapes are varied and usually between one and two cm long. The formed round-oval capsule fruit smells sweet and tastes like a fig.

Completely without additives

A big advantage of damiana capsules is that you get a pure product without any additives. The capsules contain neither excipients nor additives. So you get 450 milligrams of pure damiana extract with each vegetarian capsule. This ensures that the leaf extract can unfold its full effect and is not restricted by disturbing additives.

This can also be recognised by the rich green-brown colour of the extract with which the capsules are filled. Every time you look at the capsules, you can thus convince yourself of the unchanged originality of the damiana leaf extract!


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  1. Sophie -

    A very well-tolerated, easy-to-swallow preparation. Whether I feel more active now thanks to this preparation, I don't know, but I do know that this NEM is harmless with many highlights that are important for me.

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  2. Erika -

    The price-performance ratio is absolutely fine, as is the taste. I can only recommend it!

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  3. Kai -

    Thank you very much! Me and my partner feel good since this product! The dose and the content meet our needs and we always have a sufficient supply without having to pay much.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  4. Julian -

    Thank you very much. I am very satisfied with it. It meets my needs exactly.

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