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VITA1 Vitamin B12 Drops - 50 ml 200 µg.


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✔ Important for cell division, blood formation and nerve function
✔ High-dose vitamin B12, suitable for vegans and vegetarians
✔ High bioavailability by means of droplet form
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VITA1 Vitamin B12 drops (200 µg)

The essential vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 takes over numerous functions in your body. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the daily requirement is sufficiently covered. Vitamin B12 occurs naturally in food.

However, usable vitamin B12 is only found in animal products - especially heart, liver or kidney. But eggs and milk also contain B12. Plant-based foods contain only small amounts of vitamin B12. Accordingly, vegetarians and vegans in particular are at risk of an insufficient vitamin B12 supply.

In addition, part of the vitamin B12 from food is usually lost during the preparation of food. Therefore, vegan supplementation with vitamin B12 can be useful.

Vitamin B12 drops from VITA1

With the B12 200 µg vegan drops by VITA1 you get a highly bioavailable vitamin in a duo-active formula for high bioavailability. The small bottle with 1400 drops is practical for on the go.

Convince yourself now of the excellent properties of methylcobalamin and the outstanding quality of the product.

Advantages of vitamin B12 supplementation Drop from VITA1

  • VITA1 Vitamin B12 drops supply your body with the active vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin.
  • VITA1 vitamin B12 drops are produced exclusively in Germany under the strictest production and hygiene regulations and laboratory-tested for pesticides, heavy metals, moulds, E.Coli, salmonella and more.
  • VITA1 Vitamin B12 drops are vegan, gluten-free and free from chemicals, soy, genetic engineering and preservatives.
  • With 200 µg vitamin B12 per drop, you get a real powerhouse!
  • One bottle contains 1400 drops. With a recommended daily dose of two drops, the dropper bottle lasts almost 2 years.
  • You can rely on the absolute top quality of this food supplement. If you return the product within 30 days, we will refund the purchase price. But that won't be necessary, because you will be satisfied with 100%.

Vegan food supplement without undesirable additives

You can use the food supplement sensibly under medical supervision to cover your daily nutrient requirements.

These vegan B12 drops from VITA1 can also usefully supplement the normal diet of people who have to eat a conscious diet or do without critical nutrients for their health as a high-quality food supplement:

  • Food supplements for vegans
  • Food supplements for vegetarians
  • Food supplement without artificial preservatives
  • Food supplements without artificial flavours
  • Food supplement without colouring
  • Food supplement without lactose
  • Food supplements without gluten
  • Food supplements without genetic engineering
  • Food supplements without nuts
  • Food supplements without alcohol
  • Food supplements without soy

Malnutrition as a global phenomenon
We live in a time when it has become more imperative that everyone works to support their natural immunity and overall health and well-being in every way possible. Lack of exercise, less sunlight, stress, whole new confusing worries are beyond our capacity and are often inevitable enemies of our immune system.


Food supplement without additives and critical nutrients
Food supplements are a form of delivery for those people who pay special attention to their health and are therefore careful with their diet. For this reason, they naturally expect the food supplements they take to be free of all additives.

If you need nutritional supplements or vitamin preparations, you should not assume that all nutritional supplements are free of additives. Not all supplement manufacturers position themselves for certain groups who, for example, eat a vegan diet or consider a diet without additives to be very important.


As feelgood24 we offer you food supplements manufactured in Germany and tested in laboratories, and we don't just focus on the need for additive-free food supplements.


We also take into account people for whom some ingredients may be critical and produce numerous lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, palm oil-free and alcohol-free food supplements.

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Unit of measurement

Unit of measurement


B12 per drop 200 µg: Glycerine, purified water, methylcobalamin (B12), adenosylcobalamin (B12).



Instructions for use

Consume 2 drops (400 µg) daily.


Food supplements are neither a substitute for a healthy lifestyle nor suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition. Keep out of reach of young children.


Store well closed, cool and dry.

Effect & Function

With the B12 200 µg vegan drops from VITA1 you get a highly bioavailable vitamin in a duo-active formula for high bioavailability.




  1. Karin -

    I am really satisfied with the product and will perhaps also use other supplements from füehldichwohl24 in the future. Despite the high dosage, the capsules are really small and easy to swallow. In addition, they do not contain any critical nutrients. Therefore, I absolutely recommend buying them.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  2. Jonas -

    Product corresponds to the description. Price-performance ratio is great and delivery was fast and smooth. Gladly again!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  3. Mirsada -

    I have been using the product for some time and am currently using the second pack. I have not noticed any side effects since the first pack. The good price-performance ratio is also very important.

    Verified purchase. Find out more

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