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With a balanced diet, a vitamin B6 deficiency is hardly possible. However, in our hectic and stressful times, many people do not eat a healthy diet. One-sided food choices, unhealthy convenience foods or reduced food intake with severe underweight can lead to an undersupply.

Skin rashes, numb limbs or inflamed lips are some of the signs that indicate a deficiency of this valuable vitamin. Don't let it get that far, make sure you have an adequate supply of the vital vitamin B6. Here you can find out more about foods with this vitamin and the possibility of supplementing it via an vegan food supplement to complete.

Which foods contain vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that is important for enzymatic processes and other functions. It plays an important and diverse role in metabolism, haemoglobin formation, processes in the immune and nervous systems. This vitamin is found in numerous foods.

Excellent sources are chicken and pork, fish, vegetables such as green beans, cabbage, lentils, lettuce, whole grain products, bananas, wheat germ, potatoes and soybeans. In our modern times, an undersupply of this vitamin is rather rare; it can occur with the constant intake of certain medications, with increased protein intake or at the end of the pregnancy period.

How high should the vitamin B6 value be?


The intake of vitamin B6 is recommended:
- for women at 1.2 mg per day
- 1.6 mg per day for men.

An intake that is below this reference value does not immediately mean a deficiency. However, the probability of a deficiency increases. Conversely, too high a level of vitamin B6 can also have undesirable side effects. A long-term intake of more than 600 mg of vitamin B6 per day or more than 8 mg per kilogram of body weight can lead to skin changes, neurological disorders or muscle weakness.

Such overdoses can hardly be achieved through diet, at best through the uncontrolled intake of food supplements. To prevent this from happening, we recommend taking vitamin B6 under medical supervision.

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