vitamin d deficiency

You can prevent vitamin D deficiency symptoms by eating an adequate diet and taking vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D3 for vegetarians is available in capsule or powder form, as well as for vegans or people who eat animal products. To be absolutely sure that you are suffering from such a deficiency, you can have a blood count done by a doctor.

What the sun vitamin does in the human body

Acute deficiency symptoms are a serious problem because our organism needs the vitamin to stay healthy and fit. In general, the term stands for a whole range of fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin D2 and vitamin D3, the last of which is important for vegetarians.
The reason: they do not eat meat. Because vitamin D3 has to be supplied from outside, especially in winter, suitable food supplements are the simplest solution. The so-called sun vitamin is needed for various metabolic processes, for digestion and for bone formation.

How vitamin D gets into our bodies

vitamin d

The skin produces vitamin D. The body produces around 80 to 90 percent of the vitamin it needs with the help of sunlight. That is why many people suffer from a deficiency, especially in winter. We consume another 10 to 20 percent of the essential vitamin through food. It is found in sea fish, but also in offal and eggs. Vegans and many vegetarians are therefore just as often affected as people with intolerances.

Those who tend to have food allergies should take D3 without preservatives in the form of high-quality supplements. The sun vitamin without gluten is also available in stores today without any problems. If you would like to supply your body with other vitamins and nutrients, get a combination preparation.

These are the consequences of a deficiency

Those who suffer from deficiency symptoms of this vitamin usually only notice them after a certain time. In children, such a deficiency is fatal because the bones and joints do not develop properly from the beginning. In adulthood, those affected suffer from deformities of the skeleton and poorly developed muscle tone. Adults suffer from osteoporosis, muscle pain, bone aches and symptoms of exhaustion.

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