Vitamin D Our multi-talented sun vitamin

Vitamin D: Our multi-talented sun vitamin

Too little vitamin D in the blood is dangerous. Especially in winter, many people have an undersupply of the so-called sun vitamin and this makes careful prevention necessary. Anyone who has a vitamin D deficiency for several months can expect several consequences that can endanger their health enormously.

Vitamin D deficiency is a threat especially to the immune system, bones and muscle. A weak immune system means susceptibility to infections, high risk of illness and poorly healing diseases. Depressiveness and mood swings can also be a consequence of vitamin D deficiency.

A threat to the bones and muscle can result in diseases such as bone pain, decrease in bone fractures and poorly healing fractures. Infants, children and the elderly are particularly at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Vegans also need to make sure they are getting enough of the sunshine vitamin, as this vitamin is predominantly found in animal foods.

Correct dosage is the be-all and end-all of supplementation

The right dosage plays a major role in vitamin D supply. This is why you should have a blood test, especially in the winter months, so that you know what your vitamin D level is and which dosage suits you best. An overdose can cause loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and even kidney problems.

If necessary, avoid deficiency symptoms with vitamin D capsules

Achieving the right dosage is not that difficult. Thanks to vitamin D supplementation, you can meet the targeted need. The best-known form of sun vitamin is vitamin D3, which is more stable than vitamin D2 and more sensitive to heat and humidity.
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See your doctor today, get your blood levels checked and find out your vitamin D levels to actively support your immune system and your bone and muscle system on the road to health.