Healthy nutrition without undesirable additives

Avoiding unwanted additives is one of the biggest challenges today for people who value healthy eating. In our hectic lives, it is not easy to avoid industrially produced foods that we can buy quickly and more cheaply.

Choosing unprocessed natural food requires a lot of money or iron determination for many people. Working life and remuneration policies often do not allow people the freedom to bake their own bread or make their own yoghurt and cheese, and food with additives becomes unavoidable for many.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to do everything in your power to stand up for a diet free of additives. It is definitely worth taking a careful look at the list of contents on the back of the packaging. After a while, you will get an overview of the foods that you can buy without hesitation and only need to be careful with new food products.

It is definitely worth the effort if you cannot tolerate additives, especially in staple foods such as bread, cheese or sausage, which have a purpose other than to make you feel good and nourished. On the contrary, they serve to change the taste, extend the shelf life or prevent changes during production.

Shopping for food without additives such as emulsifiers, flavours or fatty acids also makes you a supporter of food producers who offer natural alternatives for you and do without all preservatives, flavours, colourings or flavour enhancers.

Food supplement without undesirable additives and critical nutrients


The same principle actually applies to food supplements. Food supplements are a form of delivery for people who pay special attention to their health and are therefore careful with their diet. For this reason, they naturally expect the food supplements they take to be free of all additives.

If you need nutritional supplements or vitamin supplements, you should definitely not assume that all supplements are free of additives. Not all dietary supplement manufacturers position themselves for specific groups, for example vegan diet or consider a diet without additives to be very important.

As feelgood24 we offer you laboratory-tested food supplements made in Germany by VITA1 and ZeinPharma, and in doing so we don't just focus on the need for additive-free supplements. We also take into account people for whom some ingredients may be critical and produce numerous lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, palm oil-free and alcohol-free food supplements.

Sensible food supplement from VITA1

For vegans VITA 1 valuable food supplements are available that are gluten-free, alcohol-free, soy-free, GMO-free and contain no preservatives or colourings.

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