What vitamins do we need in winter?

When the temperatures drop and the sky is overcast, the immune system is particularly challenged. Flu and cold viruses spread and attack the immune system. Therefore, in winter, the cold season, it is particularly important that the body is supplied with the right vitamins. If you want to get through the cold season in good health, you have to take care of your vitamin balance.

The body needs all 13 vitamins

The vitamins in our body all have different vital tasks. Vitamins are so-called micro-nutrients that are basically absorbed through food. The body cannot produce most vitamins itself and is dependent on a balanced diet. The body needs all 13 vitamins for different tasks such as bone growth or well-being.

The immune system must be strengthened in winter

Vitamin C is particularly important for the body in winter. It ensures a healthy metabolism and builds up the immune system. It protects against cold viruses and is found in citrus fruits, apples, broccoli and other foods.

Vitamin A is also important in winter. It ensures that enough light is absorbed through the eyes. This is particularly important at dusk and in cloudy weather. Light stimuli are processed better. Vitamin A also helps to strengthen the immune system and the mucous membranes. It is contained in foods such as beetroot or Brussels sprouts.

The body stores vitamin D from the summer months

What vitamins do we need in winter? 3

The vitamin D requirement should be saturated, as vitamin D ensures that muscle and bone strengthening function properly in winter. Vitamin D is a hormone and is largely absorbed through sunlight. Small amounts can be absorbed through fish and also egg yolk.

How much vitamin D is needed per day in winter cannot be answered in a general way. The body can store vitamin D produced in summer and use it in winter. Since the sun is rarely visible in winter and people spend a lot of time indoors, it is recommended for many people to take a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D supplementation to ingest.

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