L-tryptophan for healthy sleep

Sleep is just as vital for us humans as breathing and digestion. This indispensable bodily function serves physical and mental recuperation, regeneration and the saving of energy. Without healthy sleep, we cannot cope with the demands of a new day.

So when we sleep, we are not wasting time at all. Moreover, sleep is not a state characterised by absolute rest. Even if our blood pressure drops during sleep, our breathing slows down and our body temperature drops, our brain is still active, processing what we have experienced and storing what we have learned in our memory.

It is therefore of great importance that this bodily function runs normally. For healthy sleep, we need several nutrients, including L-tryptophanan amino acid found in many foods and dietary supplements. It is found in foods with a high protein content. Milk and dairy products, fish, meat, potatoes, walnuts and tomatoes are foods in which this amino acid is found.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that can be converted into several important molecules. These molecules are also used to make the happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin, which take over many functions in the body, including sleep, mood and behaviour.

Serotonin and melatonin: Two hormones against sleep disorders


Serotonin ensures a positive mood, has a calming effect and promotes our well-being. Stimulating memory is also one of the important tasks of this important hormone. Symptoms of deficiency are aggressiveness, anxiety and bad mood.

If our body lacks serotonin, it cannot be converted to melatonin in the evening. However, we need this sleep hormone to control our body's day-night rhythm and prepare us for sleep.

Healthy food or natural supplements for healthy sleep

An unhealthy diet with little L-tryptophan or other factors such as stress can cause us to have low mood and low sleep quality. If we do not get a good night's rest, we cannot prepare for the next day and a constant poor sense of well-being is often the important cause of depression.

Sleep disturbances, reduced memory, mental detuning, feelings of meaninglessness are the consequences of depression. Therefore, the intake of L-tryptophan through food or natural supplements not to be neglected, especially when you have a stressful life to lead.

L-tryptophan from VITA1

l tryptophan

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