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Myo inositol, also called D-chiro inositol or hexaphosphate (IP6), formerly even vitamin B8, is a substance that is essential for our cells to survive. Chemically speaking, this substance is an alcohol. However, this has nothing to do with the alcohol we know from drinks.

Myo inositol is much more of a sugar alcohol, i.e. a sugar-like compound that the body can make itself. We now know that the liver and kidney produce inositol from glucose. That is actually also the reason why it is no longer called vitamin B8. Therefore, it is not an essential micronutrient.

However, it is also found in a variety of foods. Natural myo-inositol is particularly common in plants or in meat. However, the fact that only myo-inositol can be absorbed and subsequently utilised by the human body is very special.

Made in the body and nature

We also know that this micronutrient does not increase blood glucose levels when ingested through food. This is an important difference to glucose. The concentration is particularly high in organs that have to perform at peak levels. These include, for example, the muscles, kidneys, liver and brain.

In food, the molecule is found in nuts, beans or wheat germ, citrus fruits mainly in the form of phytates. Grapefruit juice, peanut butter and wholemeal wheat bread in particular have a considerable amount of inositol.

A micronutrient in use for many body processes

This molecule plays an important role in many bodily processes. As an intracellular secondary messenger, it is involved in the transmission of signals, protects nerves and neurons and influences the metabolism of brain cells.

In addition, it fulfils important tasks in fat burning and storage. Other areas of influence are energy consumption and stress response. Very importantly, our body needs this molecule to regulate insulin levels and to form the structure of cell membranes.

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An undersupply of inositol can have various causes and can be measured in the blood or urine. Those who are undersupplied can consume myo-inositol-rich foods or access dietary supplements after consulting their family doctor. A decision in favour of a food supplement requires a search for reputable manufacturers.

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